Frequently asked questions

if you have problems or want to find a feature, have a look at this page first.

Software release APR24

bug fixes, usability improvements, new GPS library, improved filtering
  • Flysight compatibility mode

  • HOME position stored for the whole day

  • time setting stays as long as charged

  • local time and DST set automatically after GPS fix+Wifi access

  • simplified update mechanism

  • config page back button


    for all units with Serial Numbers A094-xxxxx, A114-xxxxx, A154-xxxxx
    (other versions need to be personalized, please contact us)

    update process

    1. check your airlogOne serial number to make sure the firmware is for your device.
    2. download the bin file here provided
    3. rename the bin file to the serial number of your device, f.i. A094-12345.bin
    4. copy this renamed file onto the microSD card from the device
    5. restart the airlogOne
    6. airlogOne will read the file and update the software, restarts with new software. 

    KEY functions cheat sheet

    Buttons and combinations to set special features

    MODE - press & hold, steps through operating modes:
    SET0 - press & hold, sets ALT zero
    SETDZ - press & hold, sets HOME position

    if AIRBORNE - press MODE >2s starts logging
    if LOGGING - press MODE >2s stops logging
    if LOGGING - press SETDZ >2s marks point in track

    if WEB - press SETDZ >2s resets WiFi credentials
    if WEB - press MODE >2s toggles Mode

    MODE + SETDZ together resets & restarts device