from fun to pro

Skydiving always is fun. But if you want to improve your skills, it is important to understand what happened and why. 

Geotracking your jump is a good start to analyse your jump. With more data collected and the right tools, you learn to understand how speed, angle, wind and approach will impact your jump.

We wanted to have a tool to better understand our canopy ride and its flight characteristics. So we started to develop airlogONE. 

This is the result. And its just the beginning…

our mission

At airlogONE, we are a community of passionate skydivers dedicated to advancing the sport through innovation and technology. Our mission is to elevate the skydiving experience by providing skydivers with cutting-edge devices and a platform to explore new ideas, techniques, and equipment.

We aim to foster a culture of safety, precision, and exhilaration within the skydiving community. Through our commitment to research, development, and collaboration, we strive to create devices that not only meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability but also push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of skydiving.

As skydivers ourselves, we understand the unique needs and challenges of our sport. We are driven by a shared passion for the skies and a desire to continuously improve the tools that help us navigate them. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in every altimeter we produce and every resource we provide to the skydiving community.

By uniting our passion for skydiving with our commitment to technological progress, airlogONE is dedicated to making every jump a safer, more exhilarating, and unforgettable experience. 

Together, we soar higher, dive deeper, and redefine the art of skydiving.

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our team

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