airlogOne-mini: smart and small

airlogOne-mini is the smaller sibling of the airlogOne.

Same GPS receiver, same baro sensor, smaller e-paper display (2.1" vs 2.7") and without the truemove motion sensors, it brings you home, saves your detailed track and takes care of your digital logbook.

comes in colors

Default color for the airlogOne-mini is black. For all extraordinary people we offer the mini in colors.

The case of the airlogOne and airlogOne mini is individually 3D printed in PA12 industrial strength nylon material.

As a world premiere, this material is available in white that can be dyed, so we now offer colors. Sorry for the extra fee we have to add until this process is standard.

Map mode

The map mode draws your track under canopy back to your HOME/Dropzone It also gives you a feeling for your reach, since altitude, speed and distance are shown plus you have a graphical representation of your path to home.

The map mode is still an experimental feature and must be enabled in the config backend. It is only available during decent and starts automatically at around 1000m altitude.

track your dive

The comprehensive recording of all data is only done in the Track mode of the airlogOne.

Internally the airlogOne works with a high precision pressure sensor, whose pressure measurements are converted to the displayed altitude using the “baromeric formula” according to the ICAO standard. The only difference to the ICAO rules is the fact that on the ground is always the 0m position. This adjustment (measured pressure = 0m) is done automatically when the instrument is switched on and can be updated when the air pressure changes by means of the Alt0 key.

The GPS altitude is not displayed and is only stored additionally in the data tracks. GPS was not developed for altitude measurements and shows the greatest inaccuracies there. Also, the GPS altitude is always the altitude above the geoid (simplified: mean sea level) and therefore not null on the ground, so it is not usable for skydivers directly.

config page

the configuration page (via M=mode button) allows the quick configuration of the device

Timezone, units and action trigger altitudes can be quickly set here. Also the display orientation (chest or wrist) and output file format(native or FlyS) is set in the config page.

The airlogONE device config page is a short cut to the more detailed configuration page in the dashboard. Changes on the device are mirrored to the online configuration once WiFi is enabled.

tracking modes

airlogOne offers two different tracking modes: native CSV with all sensor data in one file and FLSGHT as a compatibility mode with only the GPS data.

In compatibility mode, the data can be processed directly with existing evaluation structures and imported into the corresponding programs.

The sensor data from the accelerometers and the barometric altitude measurement are lost in this process (not defined in the FLSGHT foirmat)

Only the (native) CSV mode, which is used within the software, provides access to this data.

Nevertheless, this data can be read and used directly by the user. In addition to the tools, you can also use your own workflows to evaluate the data.