the skydiving tracker, that makes you smarter

see altitude, groundspeed, distance and direction to home on its incredible e-paper display.

Connect via WiFi to update your digital logbook. In your browser, check your GPS track, wind, orientation and more.


the new mini: compact guidance plus the logbook

all the GPS features of the One
– without the motion analysis.

Guides you home, writes your digital logbook and transfers your GPS track to


true flight intelligence

collect important data of your dive
start analyzing your jump and
learn from every move

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probably the smartest alti/tracker you can buy

brilliant E-paper display

airlogOne is equipped with a high-resolution e-paper display that gives a complete view of all relevant data at a glance. airlogOne uses large letters for all important information, displayed in feet or meters according to your preferences.

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10 DOF sensors

to track your jumps, airlogOne uses a high-precision barometric altitude sensor, stores your track with high-performance GNSS and detects your movements with a 9DOF attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) that provides detailed insight into each of your moves

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maximum connectivity

equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth, airlogOneconnects automatically to the cloud and stores all jump data online. Its also locally stored on a SD card. The device is charged via USB-C

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airlog advanced dashboard

The dashboard is your cloud-based logbook and data analysis center. See all your jumps in the automatically managed logbook and analyze the jump with specialized tools that, together with the video, give you deep insights into your performance.

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Experience. Precision. Love for skydiving

We are a group of passionate skydivers who have come together to develop a revolutionary new type of altimeter tracking device. Our team is made up of experienced skydivers, engineers and designers who share a love for the sport and a desire to make skydiving safer and more transparent for everyone.

At our core, we are driven by a commitment to safety and innovation. We believe that skydiving should be an exhilarating and rewarding experience, but it should also be safe and accessible for everyone. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing a device that will help skydivers of all levels stay safe and informed while they’re in the air.

We're located in Berlin, Germany and Deland, US

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our instruments are accompanied by sophisticated software tools: is the universal logbook and flight analysis software.

PWA webapp for browser or mobil

airlogOne stores its track data in a firebase cloud database. You can access your logbook on any browser or mobile device, anytime anywhere.
The larger screen is used to analyse your flight data and display all relevant information at a glance.

your cloud based logbook

the airlog dashboard not only helps to analyse your flight data: as your universal logbook it also stores all relevant data of your jumps: time, location, altitude and jump# are logged automatically, aircraft, discipline and jump description can be added anytime

track visualisation

on the large map you can see and navigate through your jump. Replay track and data in different speeds on the map , zoom in or out.
The map is north-oriented or follows your flight direction (FPV)
Top left all important data for the current position is shown., including GPS quality

detailed flight analysis

In sync with the map view the graphs of your altitude, H-speed and V-speed is shown.
Here you also can trim your track-data to the most relevant part: remove time before exit or after landing or trim down to certain altitudes only.

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latest technology, ultimate precision and love for detail